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Slack Great Ass

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This lady is more than just a milf. Nina is like ultramilf! One day suddenly my phone rang. It was already late, so I was surprised when I heard a woman’s voice. She stated that the rings on the announcement, which is posted in the last week in one of the local newspapers. During the telephone conversation, said that it is starving the elderly widow and asked if I wanted to talk with her yet. I thought that I lose nothing, and pussy is pussy. I’m after big butt hunt! ;). At one time I dressed up and went to the mysterious old lady. I rang the bell at her door. I heard her voice asking me to kindly come inside. When I opened the door, my eyes appeared the old lady lying on the bed. She was dressed in sexy lingerie, such as in porn films. She asked that I massaged her huge buttocks. She did not have to ask twice. I began my big hands caressing her slack great ass. Right after that I started to lick her pussy, which, surprisingly was carefully shaven. The old probably was in heaven, because gently touched my shaven head, while I teased her clitoris. I ordered her to disconnect the great booty, I caught her as the reins, and pressed in her pussy my black dick. The widow screamed with delight and I every now and then banging his hand on her butts, leaving bloody marks on them. Whore, this old man was a machine fuck! BigButtHunt


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